Holy Moly!


wait…what is this feeling?!? Is this some sort of trick!?


Okay….WHOA.  Like…major WHOA.




I am completely baffled, confused, and honestly terrified because I don’t want it to go away.

Today is day six of the oils and for the first five days I herxed pretty badly.  Yet somehow it was okay. I had a crazy fever, hot flashes, a migraine, crazy brain fog, extreme joint pain, terrible sleep, congestion and other herx symptoms – but I felt somehow stable and like my body was really working things out.

And, since about mid-day yesterday, I have felt GREAT!!!  Better than in AGES.  This feeling is actually so foreign to me that it has me wondering if I have suddenly become bipolar and am experiencing my first maniac episode!  It’s crazy.

Of course, I still feel bodily a bit messed up, but mentally I just am so balanced, happy, optimistic and capable.  I’m tackling laundry, cleaning, paying bills, running around- but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing my usual ‘get a bit of energy overexert then crash and burn’

This feels real and even and I feel more in my body than I have in so, so long.

To add to the confusion-I am just about to start my period and this time of the month is usually the absolute worst for me, total hell and my mood is usually crazed and depressed!

Wow.  The ONLY thing I have changed is that I have started taking the oils internally as well as applying them topically and diffusing them.

I’ll write a longer update in a few days, I REALLLLLY hope I stay feeling this way.  Please, please please!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Holy Moly!

  1. I had my first good day in months last week. It is truly an amazing thing. Mine only lasted about 12 hours but it was a great 12 hours. I hope yours lasts many days 🙂


    • Oh man…12 hours is NOT enough. But I will welcome any reprieve and reminder of what it feels like to be normal!!! It has been SO long since I have felt that and feeling it yesterday was amazing..I had literally forgotten how it felt. I’m not feeling as good today, but that’s due to a lot of things like getting broken sleep and peed on in the middle night because of my cat and now having to work 12 hours today. But still, doing far better than usual. Really think its the oils. What are you doing for treatment? How long have you had Lyme?


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