Image may contain: 3 peopleI wrote my thoughts below exactly 6 months ago today, after a spending a very powerful and healing weekend working with plant medicines and a group of wonderful people. Now, months later, as I find myself once again in the very throws and depths of illness, it is a pertinent reminder of very, very important things.  Even through chronic illness, there is SO, so so much to be grateful for- find it, and focus on it 

How often are we deeply, profoundly, truly grateful for our lives? How often are we present, aware, grounded, centered, showing up? How often do we appreciate this deserving, amazing, giving earth? Why do we so often choose mindlessness over mindfulness? Unconsciousness over consciousness? So often judge others and reject ourselves, unaware of our connection and glorious beauty? How often are we closed off, unreceptive, unforgiving, and so hard on ourselves? How often do we push our bodies as if they are not deserving of rest and care, unaware of how hard they are working and that, if ignored, they will stop? Repress emotions instead of allowing ourselves to FEEL- society tells us sadness is undesirable, and that if we take a pill it will just go away, if we just buy enough, look a certain way- we will be happy- oh, how that could not be further from the truth. Why do we not look at the deep, deep roots of our feelings and struggles, respect the messages and lessons that they are trying to convey and work to move through, honor our fragility and vulnerability and in doing so actually discover our tremendous strength?

How often do we take this magical, miraculous existence for granted? Buy into distractions of consumption- materialism, toxic foods, smart phones, and mind-numbing television shows and games? Why do we so mistreat the earth, our Mother? Why do people seem constantly to look outward, moving so fast instead of sitting still, and going inward? Our souls hold great knowledge, and immense power. Our society breeds complacency and so many of us are dead long before we die. This world is begging for us to awaken, to heal, to share our gifts. For transformation and transmutation of the way we humans are currently treating ourselves and one another, other animals, the earth, this amazing gift of life.
Perhaps it takes some level of suffering and pain to open up and realize these things- my own experiences of trauma, illness and struggle have been my greatest teachers, though it has taken me some time to receive the lessons, and I am sure in this never-ending process of growth, that there will be many more to come. Learning, shifting, changing, growing is not easy, but it is desperately, desperately needed.

If you have your basic needs (shelter, food, clothing) met, then, I say this: You are incredibly lucky, will you feel gratitude and value what you have?
You have a beautiful, wondrous body, how are you going to treat it? You have a capable mind, how are you going to use it, expand it? You have a beautiful soul, how are you going to connect with and honor it? You have hands, what are you going to create? Fingers- what are you going to touch? You have a voice, how will you speak? What songs will you sing? You have feet, glorious wonderful legs, how will you dance? You have ears, will you stop to listen to the whispering of the wind through trees? If you’re quiet enough, the earth speaks. You have a heart, how will you love? You walk this majestic earth, how are you going to explore it? You have life, so how will you live? You need, so how will you receive? You HAVE- so how will you give?

YOU ARE ALIVE!!! Life is fleeting. Why are you here? I guarantee, you did not come here just to work, consume, and die. So, I ask again, why are you here? What will you do, with this precious life, this precious, absolutely precious you?

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