Lyme & Mold Testing/Resources

I was lucky- when I first got ill my sister had already been dealing with Lyme for years, and was just beginning to deal with mold.  So, I knew what doctors to see, what questions to ask.  However, many people don’t.  Lyme is missed and misdiagnosed as being everything from “all in your head” to depression to MS.

Mold illness is even harder to diagnose as the majority of doctors have zero awareness of its existence or the seriousness of it.

So- If you are experiencing strange symptoms, such as the ones listed on my symptoms page– you probably want to see if you have Lyme disease and/or mold toxicity.

A few things to know- standard doctors have no clue about Lyme. Standard tests for Lyme are inaccurate.

If you suspect Lyme- you want to find a LLMD (Lyme-literate medical doctor).  And you want to be sure to be tested through Igenex. Igenex Lyme Testing

If you suspect mold illness/mold in your home- this site will be your top best resource:

You can do an online screening test at home for around $15, which can give you some idea of if you may be suffering from biotoxin exposure.  Take the Visual Contrast Sensitivity APTitude Test Here

You will want to have your home tested: Testing for Mold in Home

And you will want to find a Shoemaker Certified Doctor (often these will also be LLMD’s and the best would be to find a doctor who is familiar with both Lyme AND mold as they go hand in hand): Shoemaker Doctors

It also will be helpful to find out any genetic mutations you may have.  You can do this through 23&me.  Order your kit ($199 for 23&me, can sometimes find it for less or get deals through other sites) and once you have your results, upload them to Genetic Genie where you can run a methylation analysis of the results.  This will give you important information on things such as your MTHFR and COMT status, which can be very helpful in treatment.

And, always remember you HAVE to be your biggest advocate through all of this.  Research, don’t give up, question your doctors, keep going and keep trying until you get the answers you deserve.