Lyme & Mold Toxicity Symptoms

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I’d like to document the range of my symptoms just to keep track-not to ruminate but I want to have them all down somewhere- so one day, I can hopefully look back on this post and think WOW! I don’t have any of those symptoms anymore (one can hope right?!)

So- here we go- also, hopefully this may help if someone seeking diagnosis stumbles along this post- I sure as f*ck had no clue Lyme/mold could manifest in all these bizarre ways.

I have experienced all of the following symptoms over the last three years, with varying degrees in frequency and intensity.

  • Food allergies/reactions, chemical sensitivities, sensitivity to lights and sound and other sensory stimulation, seasonal allergies
  • Slurred speech, messing up words, trouble remembering names, poor short-term memory, trouble focusing with zoning out for 5-30 second intervals
  • Hot flashes, surges of warmth throughout body, feeling of iciness “inside” bones/joint, night sweats, cold hands/feet, inability to regulate body temperature, chronic low temperature
  • Frequent cold/infections/strep throat
  • Anxiety, deep depression, suicidal ideation, extreme panic attacks, fear-based thoughts, Pure O (obsessive thinking), some other OCD behaviors, lack of motivation, inability to think about/envision the future, mood swings, rage, stress intolerance, apathy, derealization (feeling out of touch with reality), depersonalization (feeling out of body, out of touch with self)
  • Inability to think creativitily, stress intolerance, normal daily tasks such as getting dressed are difficult because I can’t seem to “figure out” how to do them
  • Extreme migraines, shooting pains inside head, neck pain, nausea, vomiting (especially due to pain), feelings of toxicity
  • Joint pain, jaw and tooth pain, overall excruciating body pain
  • Intense inflammatory response to many triggers (exercise, foods, chemicals, stress, travel)
  • Difficulty in new environments, confusion
  • Blurred vision, trouble walking/balancing, seeing dark spots in vision
  • Brain fog, feeling of brain being disconnected from body, feels like brain is filled with sand/marshmallow, can’t find myself in myself…
  • Hypoglycemic/shaky if I go too long without food/protien
  • Heart pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, shooting pain in heart, abnormal heart beat, weak pulse, irregular heart beat
  • Internal tremors, shaking, vibration sensation/buzzing inside body, chills, numbness/tingling, extremities falling asleep
  • PMS and horrendous periods
  • Gut issues- heartburn, gas, reflux, bloating, etc.
  • Extreme fatigue- extreme in the sense of being almost narcoleptic
  • Heaviness of extremities, trouble lifting arms/legs
  • “Crackling joints,” muscle wasting
  • Frequent urination
  • Itching, brusing easily, crawling sensations on skin
  • Nightmares, night terrors, night waking
  • Being alive but not ALIVE, just can’t seem to function no matter how much I WANT to.
  • And…more…..many more…. 😦

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